May, 02. 2013

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April, 10. 2013

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Welcome to Color Me Rich LLC an organization established to ENLIGHTEN you , ENRICH you, and EMPOWER you in health, wealth, and knowledge. Our vision is to prepare your children for their tomorrow and to correct your yesterday. Our goal is to shift your financial realm and relaunch your ways of thinking! Only here at Color Me Rich will you find a program, a manual, specific guidelines and tools, seminars , and The Prosper the Paintbrush showcase that is tailored to your needs and every age group. We have something to offer to everyone! We encourage beginning our Color Me Rich program from age 5 or kindergarten level and throughout to provide each child with the financial literacy, mentality, and professionalism to better prepare them for "Our World" . Children will be taught the tools to be College Ready, Career Ready , and Calculated Conscientious Cash Ready! As our Color Me Rich program progresses , children merge into entrepreneurs of their own, they establish savings,they're taught how to manage their portfolios , purchase real estate, trade stocks, and so much more.

But who only eats one piece of the pie ? We provide health tips and resources , knowledge and "know how's" ! Yes, here at Color Me Rich LLC your equipped to be rich in health, rich in wealth, and rich in knowledge.

Would you like Prosper the Paintbrush and the ColorMe
Crew to perform a showcase at your school? Are you
interested in knowing how our program can your child/students AND Improve their behavior?